Mission. Vision. Strategy. Values.

Stanislav Martinec, Managing Director


  • Help mankind and enrich the world.


  • Development and efficient manufacture of a simple, high-quality modular KOMA structures.
  • Becoming a company with highly satisfied staff.
  • To be a company with which collaboration is made easy


  • to be different than other producers
  • prefer turn key delivery incl. related services
  • focus on innovations and development of modular buildings
  • production with usin the lates technologies
  • prefer long-term human relations


  • We focus on what we do well
  • We believe that cooperation—both within the company and externally—is the foundation of success
  • We face unpleasant situations head on and take responsibility for any mistakes
  • We are always critical and careful of anything that creates a feeling of certainty and success, because we know that today's success produces tomorrow's failure.
  • We compare ourselves with the best in the world, always embracing the best there is and strive to improve on it
  • When solving a problem or dealing with a change, we know that we must: aspire, begin, persist, complete, and maintain
  • We set demanding goals, even though we know that ideas come easily but realising them is difficult
  • We respect our customers, colleagues, the people around us, and ourselves.
  • We help ensure that the competitive environment in which we take part is distinguished by honesty and is in harmony with the company's leading values.


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